Half Savage and Free

They’d sought no probable explanation no disambiguation of class, (order, family, genus) for the idiot in the courtyard filing his nails with flint, painting the stone walls with his own excrement. A few had teased her for a nose, an eye, a grimace perceived in the child. But for a red-faced cousin – rapacious youth … More Half Savage and Free

A Fauna of Mirrors

In ancient China some believed that behind all mirrors other worlds existed inhabited by strange fauna each unique to its proper mirror all unknown and strange to even those men and women who once knew the ways of the Pig-footed bandicoots the Honshū wolves the Dusky Seaside sparrows the Golden Toads, or the rhinoceroses – the … More A Fauna of Mirrors

Radiant City

When the woman fell through the crack in the city sidewalk she fell many fathoms towards a radiant abyss There were so many women down in the crystal caves they had been falling through the cracks for so long The women made a city near the vents where the blue light of bioluminescent animals lit … More Radiant City