These sketches are mostly copies of favorite works by various artists: Paul Gauguin, Remedios Varo, Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka, Alfred Kubin, Diego Rivera, Paul Klee, Richard Diebenkorn, illustrations from Codex Seraphinianus, plus various assignments from class. While re-learning how to draw, I fell in love with the Lyra graphite crayons and Blackwing pencils.

I worked as the lead art teacher at Sebastiani Theater’s Performing Arts Camp (PAC) for nearly a decade, before Covid shut it down. Every summer we set up a fully functioning studio in the parking lot behind the theater where everything we use was either recycled or scavenged. (We used a lot of cardboard from the dumpsters in the alley.) Check out the gallery of work by young artists and some examples of my stage makeup for the annual Witchie Poo Halloween Variety Show  – another hat I wear.

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