Me and baby Eva – 1971

Originally from Durham, N.C., I moved nine times before my family settled in Mill Valley, where I quickly went feral. I spent the second half of my childhood wandering the trails, canyons, and creeks of Mt. Tamalpais. My love of nature was nourished by the spectacular landscape of Southern Marin. (Not having a working car or television also helped.)

At various times in my post-college career, I worked as a beach lifeguard, a fork lift operator, an oil spill contingency plan analyst, a hiking guide, and on the interpretive staff at a natural history museum. Miraculously, I managed to earn a MA in English Literature and a B.A. in Environmental Studies. I am the co- founder of the Sonoma Writers’ Workshop, which hosts a popular series of literary events at BUMP Cellars.

I currently live in Sonoma with my husband, four children, and my tiny dog, Clay Gonzales. When not working as a writing coach or art teacher, I spend my time hiking, painting, reading and writing, and, if conditions allow, body surfing.

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