The Green Tara Is Here!

Wrapping up final edits to my wine country caper, The Green Tara. Expected release date is December 1. Paperbacks will be available through my website and online.



Somewhere in Sonoma, a set of false teeth hides a clue to the unsolved mystery of The Green Tara, a famous emerald necklace that once belonged to a queen in India only to be stolen, centuries later, from the vault of a Santa Monica Hotel right before the 1974 Oscars, and lost at sea. In spring of 2016, news breaks that a sophisticated forgery has been discovered in the San Pedro Harbor. The hunt for the necklace begins anew.

Meanwhile, beleaguered mother-of-five Rachel Fischer-Alvarez is out walking the dog one night when she accidentally stumbles upon evidence that may lead to the hidden location of the genuine necklace. As if her life weren’t harried enough, she suddenly finds herself in a dangerous race. Relying only upon her keen instincts, Rachel begins to connect the dots that link an eccentric neighbor, a washed-up crime writer, and a guerilla horticulturalist to the scene of the crime. As her home life continues to unravel, Rachel becomes increasingly determined to find the Green Tara before a gang of aging jewel thieves beats her to it.

Read the The Green Tara here.

One thought on “The Green Tara Is Here!

  1. This fantastic book captures the full flavor of the Sonoma wine country in all its eccentric glory. Summers is a gifted novelist who writes about domestic duties with humor and rare insight. The characters are interesting and the story is the perfect page turner. You will recognize yourself or someone you know in this book – probably both. Order it now!

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