Radiant City

When the woman fell through
the crack in the city sidewalk
she fell many fathoms
towards a radiant abyss

There were so many women
down in the crystal caves
they had been falling through
the cracks for so long

The women made a city near
the vents where the blue light
of bioluminescent animals
lit up the long nights

They walked quietly in the sparkling
salt pillar forests, gathering
in the flowing flora, collecting
honey from the honeyfish’s mouth

After they had been there a while
a few wished to swim in the subterranean
sea; and so they grew gills and tales
with prismic, adamantine scales

Soon women fell like rain through
the cracks in the city sidewalks
which are said to cover over
nearly two percent of the Earth

But nobody missed them.
Whenever a man went missing
through the cracks, the other
men would search the manholes

They did not see the radiant city
nor did they hear the mermaids
singing softly to the fallen, turning them
gently into pillars of salt
with their lullabies

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