Gauguin Was a Monstera (16 x 20″) oil on canvas

My family moved to Mill Valley in the mid-70s where I quickly became feral. My friends and I spent our days wandering the secret stairways, the trails, creeks, and wooded canyons of Mt. Tamalpais, sometimes ending up miles from home at Muir or Stinson Beach or lost on a deer trail. Everything about the spectacular landscape of West Marin influences my creative work.

I have always been interested in mythology, particularly how women embody various aspects of nature from the benevolent, life-giving forces of spring and love and motherhood to the tempestuous and often destruction forces of vengeance, age, wind and fire. I am interested in the outward manifestation of wildness in women and how the ancient instinct to nurture both people and plants is repressed, constrained, packaged, and/or exploited by culture and commodification. I am inspired by the way women have managed, throughout history, to grow gardens in all corners of the world as acts of love, care, and spiritual rehabilitation despite enduring centuries of subjugation and objectification.

I currently live in Sonoma County with my husband, daughter, dogs, and a flock of chickens (now that three of my four children have “flown the coop.”) When not teaching art and writing or working on the ropes course, I spend my time hiking, painting, writing, and, if conditions allow, boogie boarding.

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