Mylar Sirens

  PART I She is fast asleep in a nest of black feathers – Raven, black creator of worlds, is still soaring over the highway, when a seagull wakes her. A pitiless sun shines its pitiless light upon the hotel windows reflecting a blank and glaring gaze towards the sea. The sky – a whirl of … More Mylar Sirens


Green, warty, and humble this small Japanese cousin of the buttercup squash has a cult following among pumpkin enthusiasts. Known for its mango flesh, its smooth texture, and its chesnutty flavor, the kabocha is revered as an aphrodisiac by squashophilic peoples of the globe. For most, any amorous feelings that arise from eating the kabocha resolve themselves on mortal men and … More Kabocha

Christmas Day

The Ocean By Nathaniel Hawthorne The Ocean has its silent caves, Deep, quiet, and alone; Though there be fury on the waves, Beneath them there is none. The awful spirits of the deep Hold their communion there; And there are those for whom we weep, The young, the bright, the fair. Calmly the wearied seamen … More Christmas Day

Carcass Island

Come away to Carcass Island In the sundering, Southern Seas Where black night heron shadows roost In scorched wood cypress trees Come away to Carcass Island Where the tussock grasses die Among the dog roses and fuchsias Under high cerulean skies Come away to Carcass Island Where the ghosts hum funeral hymns And the sailors … More Carcass Island

Open Letter to Mammon

A muddy touché! Ye villains of Hong Kong and Dubai, fork-tongued evangelists of foreign currency! We applaud the handing over of our stolen goods – May we offer you a free-of-charge gondola ride over the holy land a bird’s-eye view of your assets your wives and daughters, your mothers your pimps, your priests and pederasts your arms traders … More Open Letter to Mammon

Half Savage and Free

They’d sought no probable explanation no disambiguation of class, (order, family, genus) for the idiot in the courtyard filing his nails with flint, painting the stone walls with his own excrement. A few had teased her for a nose, an eye, a grimace perceived in the child. But for a red-faced cousin – rapacious youth … More Half Savage and Free